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Elevating Your Business Experience With GOOD Outdoor Design:

These are key points of a property/landscape that may need re-designing or utilization for better function, delight & engagement for maximum R.O.I & GUEST EXPERIENCE


  1. Unused or dysfuntional patio area?

  2. Dingy pool patio space?

  3. Undesirable outdoor dining or lounging space?

  4. Impractical business meeting layout?

  5. Dated gaming or kids play area?

  6. Under whelming curb appeal/1st impressions?

The list goes on and on...


These are potential areas for better function, delight & engagement elevating your biz EXPERIENCE*

Maintenance Services for Resorts, Hotels, Venues,
*Hospitality Businesses*

1. Lawn cutting/trimming(bagging of clippings)


2. Spring/Fall clean ups

3. Mulching

4. Seasonal flower design/installations

5. Tree pruning/shaping

6. Shrub trimming/shaping

7. Garden weed control

8. Topsoil/seeding

9. Sod

10. Fencing

11. Drainage/Erosion control

  1. Exterior designs(zoning areas of a space for multi-function & maximization)

  2. Exterior/Interior garden designs(living walls, potted designs)

  3. Built in raised beds w/ seating for privacy and lounging.

  4. Flagstone/paver patio or walkway upgrades

  5. Synthetic turf for patio or pet areas

  6. Staging or special event designs

  7. Re-designing dated spaces for APPEAL (Softscape or Hardscape)

Let's talk about how to elevate your GUEST EXPERIENCE and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Outdoor Design/Build Services(also for backyards):

Business & Backyards

Lake George NY | Queensbury NY | Glens Falls NY

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